The Wall Street Journal and Web 2.0

by mqholt on September 17, 2008

The Wall Street Journal has gone Web 2.0. They announced on yesterday, health “The Journal’s new redesign offers some new nifty features for business owners to connect in the Web 2.0 world.” Well that is nifty.  It remains to be seen whether WSJ can build a community when they charge a fee for admission.  A lot of bloggers think they don’t have a chance. For example Blorge said today “How is the Wall Street Journal missing the boat with their attempt at community building? For starters, find they have made their community an exclusive, behind-close-doors paid subscription service.”But I think most people who do use the WSJ as their news source already feel a sense of community with other WSJ readers, so I think this just might fly. We will see.

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