Bad Web Design Mistake #2

by mqholt on March 14, 2008

A friend of mine, medicine who knows a bit about the web, decease the other day was telling me that he saw on a list that the number one mistake that organizations make with their web sites is putting the needs of the organization above the needs of the user. (Actually, it’s mistake number two at nevertheless, it’s a big one. And very common. It’s amazing the number of medium sized firms that have photos and bios of their principal people either right on their home page, or linked prominently from the front page. And it’s amazing the number of non-profit sites that have huge “Donate Now!” buttons and banners all over their page.It’s takes most new visitors to these sites less than three seconds to click away.Well, it is of course a good thing that you have big important people at your firm. But if they are big important people that no one outside of your firm or current client list knows, well maybe they woulbe be better placed on an about>staff page or something.And sure, it’s important that people know they can donate to your non-profit. But I would guess they probably knew that already.Successful marketing sites, either in the for-profit or the non-profit sector, don’t look like “marketing sites.” They straightforwardly inform the user what it is that the organization does, and they give you the feeling that the organization does it well.And they do it simply. You don’t have much time with new visitors. If you can boil your organization’s functions down to “just one thing” you are way ahead of the game.

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