iPhone 3.0 and web usability

by mqholt on March 16, 2009

Apple will announce a further update to its iPhone OS, viagra iPhone 3.0, cure tomorrow at SXSW  in Austin. There’s a lot of speculation about new features, illness particularly copy-and-paste, and MMS. Here’s two good sources of rumors:Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.comPC World’s JR RaphaelHere’s some of the rumored new things: push notification, Adobe Flash support, advanced Bluetooth functionality, video conferencing, iPhone tethering (use as modem), background processing, global search.As an iPhone user, I’d like to see all of these things I guess. As a web developer, the important ones are Flash support, which I do not see coming yet, and copy-and-paste, which I do.More after tomorrow’s announcement.

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